What is the Start-up Challenge?

It is the biggest opportunity for Polish start-ups to find proper investors and decisionmakers. The Start-up Challenge provides you with the opportunity to present your project to an audience composed of Global CEOs, CFOs, Opinion Leaders, top executives and managers. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to build new markets and get professional responses.

Why should I take part in Start-up Challenge?

You should participate in the Start-up Challenge to test the value of your ideas and skills. Moreover, it will give you the chance to expand your contacts network; find investors; or just for the sake of share and present your company to the world.

How do I participate?

The essential requirement is to have a Start-up project that intends to gain access to future collaboration with the Business Services sector companies in Poland and the CEE region. Nonetheless, the challenge addresses special attention to start-up in the areas of IoT, SaaS, BigData, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, FinTech, HR solutions, process management and processes optimization.

How can I take a part in the Start-up Challenge?

You need to send us a brief presentation about you Start-up —no more than 5 slides—.

What are the Awards?

Fame and Glory. The winner will have a network meeting with a chosen Jury member, which will allow the awarded Start-up to discuss the directions it is heading in. A statuette given to the winner will raise the prestige of the Start-up and will be a confirmation of cutting-edge inventions it is creating.

How many members of each Start-up can participate in the finals?

Maximum two members of each Start-up team can conduct a presentation.

How long should the presentation be?

No longer than five (5) minutes.

If I am not a finalist, what is the cost of participating in the Conference?

If you are not a finalist, the ticket for the 8th Annual ABSL Conference has a cost of 2950 PLN.

What is ABSL?

The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) is a leading organization representing the Business Services Sector in Poland. More information available at https://www.absl.pl/

Where I can find more information about the conference and ABSL?

You can find information at https://www.absl.com and https://www.absl-conference.com.