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In ABSL Start-Up Challenge we are looking for innovative solutions for the SSC/BPO/ITO/R&D companies. The contest is organized by ABSL - Association of Business Services Leaders. Its members are, among others, Accenture, Capgemini, Citi, Google, HPE, IBM, J.P. Morgan, Infosys, Procter & Gamble, Shell, UBS.

Why to join

Present us your innovation

At ABSL Start-Up Challenge you will meet your potential clients. The final will take place at ABSL Annual Conference, which gathers over thousand managers and owners of international companies. The winners of the contest will be invited to Polish Tech Day - another great opportunity to meet future business partners and investors.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for software innovations, which will revolutionize the business services sector. Submit, if you believe your solution will enhance our business. This year we focus on projects related to:

Blockchain & Fintech

We pay special attention to start-ups, offering solutions regarding databases of transaction data


Innovative solutions for human resources management are increasingly popular among international corporations

Marketing and communications technologies

We are searching for start-ups, which may support us in a marketing and communications technologies

Robotic Process Automation, AI & Bots

We believe that robotization and artificial intelligence are technologies of the future


Siedziba P&G




Hewlett Packard Enterprise




Concordia Design






Technopark Pomerania
2018 Finalists

Find out more about 2018 Start-Up Challenge finalists

  • It is 2018, and yet companies still rely on traditional communication like email and call centers, which are very ineffective. In the digital age, companies need tools to reach large audiences while still keeping interactions interesting, targeted and personal.

    Waywer is a communication platform that turns traditional HR, sales and marketing processes into fully digital, automated, personalized experiences for receipients. Our platforms allow corporations to interact with customers, partners and employees through video communication. Our tools are simple to implement on top of existing solutions and is already in use in over 50 corporations including Citi Bank, Bayer, Orange, Celgene, KRKA, Grupa Żywiec, Orange, Eniro, ITkontrakt, Medicover, Play.

    Among other awards, Waywer has received the Best Innovation in Employer Branding for its amazing recruitment processes improvement

    Presentation | Website

  • DRONN.com offers optimization of call center operations through automation of phone calls with voicebots. Our technology is capable of fully replacing human agents in repetitive call center processes. We make transformation process easy and scalable by offering DRONN voicebots in call centre outsourcing model. Benefits from outsourcing your call center processes to DRONN.com include: cost optimization, increase of effectiveness and increased data output from interactions with end-users. Alior Bank in Poland has implemented 70 DRONN agents already and has become the leader of call centre automation using our voicebots in multiple processes including debt collection, customer segmentation and others.

    „let us introduce techshoring to call center managers”

    Presentation | Website

  • EVRYPLACE is an intuitive editor accessible through the browser, thanks to which you can combine 360 ° photos and 3D visualizations, turning them into virtual, interactive presentations. You can enrich the presentations with an additional information layer, adding widgets, 2D photos, or interactive elements.

    Use EVRYPLACE for creating visualizations and real estate offers, delivering 360° documentation or building interactive training presentations for virtual reality.

    „When we try to explain the idea of using 360° imagery for 'anything,' the concept usually goes entirely above our listener's heads
    However, when we present in action - walk with the client into one of their 650 retail stores, and show how regional agents can create photo documentation of the store in its entirety with only three clicks. That this snapshot is already stored on their enterprise servers, time-stamped and matched to the right store. That the management team can access it anytime via a simple web interface. It's only then that it clicks.
    Or when we run a presentation for real estate agents amid which we take a minute break to grab a few 360° images of the venue. And by the time that minute ended we presented them a 360° tour of the space ready to be shared online or included in every offer of the space.
    It's then that our listeners realize how EVRYPLACE can save time and money. ”

    Presentation | Website

  • ShelfWise is an instant, real-time shelf recognition software that enables companies to audit planograms execution – the way store’s products are displayed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, in only few seconds application enables companies to assess shelf share, out of stock, best shelf and the planogram compliance directly in the store during the sales rep’s visits. Analysis of the image recognition are available immediately when the sales representative is still in the store. Shelfwise automates the merchandising activities allowing considerable savings and helping companies in increasing their shelf compliance. The solution can be used by FMCG companies, store chains and OTC pharma companies.

    „Artificial intelligence and image recognition are going to change the Retail we know today”

    Presentation | Website

  • Cluify is a state-of-the-art  online advertising platform, which makes it possible for businesses to reach particular clients. The success of the solution is guaranteed by an innovative targeting model. How does it work? It is all founded on smartphone location analysis - we survey where they are and how often they appear in given places. Based on that, purchase profiles of particular customer groups are created, and the ad reaches people, who truly want to buy certain products.

    The mechanics of Cluify is quite straightforward - if you are running a chain of sportswear stores, you want to attract people who visit gyms, supplement stores or swimming pools. That’s logical. The real issue is that, online marketing tools used most often right now, are not able to precisely extract and reach this group. At least what was the case up until now. However there is an answer - Cluify. Now you can send your personalized ad to only those people who are most important to you.

    Cluify is the only tool on the market to allow precise monitoring of online ads’ performance in brick and mortar businesses - after the campaign is done you can easily verify how many ad recipients actually came to the store.

    Cluify’s operation is grounded in two major technologies - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Using these tools we can determine, which places are visited by mobile phone owners, and send ads which meet the needs of particular clients, with particular purchase needs.

    Presentation | Website

  • CloudStorm specializes in developing the next generation of Robotic Process Automation.
    Corporate customers receive a complete package from process consulting to implementation and support of robots as-a-service.
    CloudStorm is backed by prestigious investors: the digital venture funds of Deutsche Telekom and OTP Bank as well as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

    Statement – David Salomon – CEO of Cloudstorm:

    „The toolset focuses on system integration and makes it easy to create, manage and supervise software robots on an enterprise scale.
    We are looking for pilot partners who would get priority access to the first RPA with integrated process mining capabilities.”

    Contact Cloudstorm if you would like to stay ahead of the game in Robotic Process Automation.

    Presentation | Website

  • Body & Mind smart digital solution to promote healthy-lifestyle between employees through gamification.
    Train&Benefit provides a platform to manage employee benefits by providing health&prevention challenges. We support employees in a way to take care of their health with fitness and mindfulness tasks.

    Presentation #1 | Presentation #2 | Website

2017 Finalists

Read how ABSL Start-Up Challenge supported our last year’s finalists

  • ChallengeRocket helps to recruit candidates for tech positions using online challenges & hackathons.

    “Winning the contest helped us to get noticed by the global brands like NVIDIA”

    Paweł Kwiatkowski, Co-Founder&CEO, ChallengeRocket.com
  • ChallengeRocket helps to recruit candidates for tech positions using online challenges & hackathons.

    “The event was a great chance to verify our business model in front of experienced professionals”

    Tomasz Florczak, Co-Founder&CTO, ChallengeRocket.com
  • Scanye offers artifitial intelligence sollutions for the accounting

    “Thanks to ABSL Start-Up Challenge and the Public Choice prize, we started cooperation with the leading companies from BPO/SSC sector. I strongly recommend the contest to all the start-ups, which offer innovations for the outsourcing sector”

    Tadeusz Chruściel, CEO Scanye
  • Platform aimed to help making the best decisions (business and medical), merging BigData, artificial and human intelligence.

    “ABSL Start-Up Challenge was like a winning lottery ticket got as a prize for many years of hard work. Thanks to that we now may develop the C.metrics project, offering usage of artifitial intelligence in FMCG sector”

    Gregorz Kanka, CMO Cognitum
  • The employees’ task management application.

    “Once we took part in ABSL Start-Up Challenge we had only the prototype of our solution. Evaluation from representatives of business and advises from ABSL members allowed us to adjust our project to the market’s needs. Thanks to that more companies are interested in our product”

    Sebastian Starzyński, CEO
  • Emplocity revolutionizes labour market by introducing artificial intelligence in the recruitment process.

    “Thanks to the cooperation with ABSL, we received the substantive support and the opportunity to meet representatives of the biggest companies in Poland. It also allowed us to acquire business partners among the corporations interested in digital transformation”

    Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO Emplocity
Main partner

Procter & Gamble

P&G serves consumers around the world with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Blend-a-med®, Ariel®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Vicks®, Vizir® and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. For P&G innovation is the cornerstone of its business and the company considers Poland as one of its key hubs for global innovations. P&G in Poland provides unique opportunities for local talents and startups to combine their innovation and intellectual potential with the global scale of the company. It creates opportunities for graduates to work directly with top internal and external experts from all over the world to develop solutions that can be implemented on a global scale, while at the same time growing their own business capabilities.

For more information please visit: http://ce.pgcareers.com/.

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